About me

A man with a passion.

A seaman – for a living and as a hobby.

A motorbiker – because there’s nothing better to relax with.

A Cyclist

A diver

A truck driver

A mountain climber

I am trying my luck with skydiving…. and I haven’t become a wet stain yet 😉

which is Stay Moving.

Short view of what i’m doing.

I cannot stand still. I dream of experiencing new thrills all the time, keeping myself moving allows me to do so.

A little crazy guy, often described by friends as a „weirdo” – I don’t fit in the mainstream reality. I prefer to create my own world, that’s probably why they call me a strange guy.

I can dance as well as Travolta – only in my head. I can drag the train as easily as Pudzianowski – as long as it’s started by the driver and it’s moving.

I love surprising people, an example could be my cycling trip to Nord Kappe, where only one of my mates knew where I’m heading. The rest of them found out once I got there. When they were asking what I’ve been doing for a month, while absent, I would show them the photos a tell them my stories.

Someone infected me with the idea of writing a blog, motivating me to do things that I’m doing, sharing it. It makes me the happiest when my actions motivate others to do things. 

The blog notes from my journeys (small & large) are a story of my life, the feelings and experiences I’ve had throughout the travel until coming back home. 

Movies: Into the wild
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty